Hurricane Matthew Relief

In October 2016, after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, New Bridges for Haitian Success succeeded in delivering a large shipment of food, household needs, clothing and bottled water to people devastated by the Category 4 hurricane that slammed Haiti.  NB4HS distributed over hundred bags of supplies, which included rice, beans, clothes, shoes, soap, school, flash, medical supplies, etc. NBHS also distributed school supplies and toys to hundreds of children as schools prepare to reopen in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, in Belle-Anse, Haiti. We took part in a free clinic that provided basic medical supplies. In the past five years, with limited financial and logistical means, NB4HS  have been able to establish and maintain a strong, reliable partnership with the Haitian community of Belle-Anse (a town of 158,000 citizens with no doctor but 2 nurses). Please see VIDEO

We are in the process of BUILDING a medical clinic to help alleviate the strain in Belle-Anse. In contrast, our local Providence, Rhode Island community (a city of 179,219 citizens) has access to more than a DOZEN clinics and hospitals, not including access to private care.

We could not have done any of this without the compassion and sustained the support of the local Rhode Island community. We ask that you consider donating us for this very important trip.

Check out this great video to see how your donations have helped hundreds of families in Haiti. We thank you for your support.