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  • Thank you, Providence Mayor, Jorge Elorza!

  • Senior Congressman Jim Langevin

  • Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, Dan McKee

  • Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, and Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee at New Bridges for Haitian Success Flag Day Celebration

  • Superintendent of Providence Public Schools, Christopher N. Maher

  • Rhode Island Attorney General, Peter Neronha

  • CEO Peter M. Marino, Neighborhood Health Plan of RI


New Bridges for Haitian Success

The New Bridges for Haitian Success, Inc. is a Rhode Island based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides direct services such as English literacy education, health education and computer literacy. These educational programs help teach financial self-sufficiency and uplift within the Haitian community as they integrate in the larger Rhode Island community.

Since 2013, New Bridges has been working on numerous projects serving both Haitian residents of Rhode Island and deprived communities in Haiti.

Back in the homeland, Haiti, the New Bridges for Haitian Success works to improve the living conditions in the southeastern part of Haiti through education and medical intervention. Our primary focus is mainly in the town of Belle-Anse, a place with over 158,000 residents with barely any functional health system or access to centralized education. This means that residents there are vulnerable to catastrophes such the horrendous earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Many people still live in tents with little access to clean food or drinking water.

Your donations and advocacy are crucial to continuing these efforts in Belle-Anse and Haiti.

New Bridges for Haitian prides itself on a strong record of accountability and transparency from our donations.

New Bridges For Haitian Success 2019 Fundraiser Video

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Please consider making a donation to New Bridges for Haitian Success. Each donation will go towards helping Haitians in Belle-Anse.
We have a strong track record of proven success and accountability of our donations.