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New Bridges for Haitian Success

The New Bridges for Haitian Success, Inc. is a Rhode Island-based 501(c)3 organization that provides direct services such as Adult English language education and health promotion.
We also create opportunities for Haitians to better integrate into American society.

Back in the homeland, Haiti, the New Bridges for Haitian Success works to improve the living conditions in the southeastern part of Haiti through education and medical intervention. Our primary focus is mainly in the town of Belle-Anse, a place with over 158,000 residents with barely any functional health system or access to centralized education. This means that residents there are vulnerable to catastrophes such the horrendous earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Many people still live in tents with little access to clean food or drinking water.

Your donations and advocacy are crucial to continuing these efforts in Belle-Anse and Haiti.

New Bridges for Haitian prides itself on a strong record of accountability and transparency from our donations.

We’ve Been Busy in Rhode Island

since 2013, NB4HS has…

SENT AN AMBULANCE full of supplies to Belle-Anse, Haiti. PROVIDED three educational scholarships to members of the Haitian community in Rhode Island.OFFERED bilingual community workshops with citizenship immigration services and state government & employment opportunities.
COLLECTED AND CONTRIBUTED AID to send more Haitians to school in Haiti. CELEBRATED our 4th Annual Haitian Heritage Month & May 18 Celebration in the Governor’s room at the Rhode Island State House.SUCCESSFULLY ADVOCATED for asylum for two Haitians in Rhode Island.
LOBBIED our Congressional Delegation for the extension of TPS for Haitian Nationals.ASSISTED Haitian students to apply for scholarships and access to college.REFERRED dozens of community members to social services organizations and programs.
CELEBRATED NB4HS 2nd Annual Haitian Cultural Gala.COLLECTED and sent a container full of medical, food and educational supplies to Belle-Anse, Haiti.ORGANIZED a press conference responding to President Donald Trump’s ignorant racist claim about Haiti.
PROVIDED informational workshops on how to apply to the Rhode Island Free Clinic and insurance.REPRESENTED the Haitian community at the United Nations and Boston Haitian Festival.COLLABORATED with other organizations to build a strong support system for immigrant communities in Rhode Island.

…and we’re just getting started.

Collaborating to create opportunities:

Our partnership with Practico Innovation, a cutting edge technology accelerator, has generated a number of innovative business ideas in the past two years. This year, three of our Haitian business participants were selected and received funding from Practico Innovatio, awarding local Haitian students and entrepeneurs with $30,000 scholarships to attend Providence’s CareerDevs Computer Science University tuition-free. They are all employed, earning an average of $80,000 a year.

Building Meaningful Community:

Part of our advocacy is our national appreciation and celebration of Independence Day on May 18th each year. As the Haitian community grows in Rhode Island our organization sees an opportunity to educate the Providence community and celebrate Haitian contributions to U.S history and culture. NB4HS meets at the statehouse brings together members of the larger community to celebrate Haitian history and local community members in the Governor’s room at the Rhode Island State House.

Bridging the Past to the Future in the Present:

We believe it is important and significant to recognize the courageous efforts of revolutionaries like Toussaint L’Overture and Jean Jacque Dessalines, who turned the country of Haiti into the first, and only, free nation in history to be liberated of slavery. At this event, NB4HS was joined by  community leaders, partners, Haitian based from Boston, Haitians based from Connecticut, including our local elected officials such as Governor Gina Raimondo, Lieutenant Governor Daniel J McKee, Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, Attorney General Peter F. Neronha, and others.